That One Time I Decided I Wanted to be a Published Model, and Did.

Sometime around late fall of 2017 I was feeling really peppy with my new, shaved head and decided damnit that I wanted to be sunglasses or corrective eyewear model! I ran around telling everyone that I knew that I was going to do this. One of those people just happened to be Abdiel Gonzales.

As it turns out, at the time Abdiel wrote articles for, and orchestrated photoshoots for a local publication, The Lakelander. Lo and behold a few months later he was doing a write up about the rising popularity of glasses in the fashion industry and remembered what I said about wanting to be a “glasses model” and asked me if I would be interested in being one of his models for the story!!! Of course I said yes and I was officially published in the March 2020 Issue of The Lakelander Magazine!

You can see the entire digital version of the article at
March 2017 Issue · FRAMED

HERE is the printed publication in it entirety.

Below are the photos selected for the piece.
Thank you Abdiel for brining my modeling goal to fruition in such a short time!
Abdiel Gonzalez, Creative Genius
photography by Dan Austin / hair and makeup by Yolanda Floyd


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