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Paleo-Zone Food Block Calculator Tools!

If you’re new to the Zone, you first want to find your Zone block requirements. I found this handy block calculator over at DBH Online. Next, check out this nifty spreadsheet tool that I found over at Poseidon CrossFit which allows you to calculate your Zone serving sizes in imperial and metric measurements! It also […]

Paleo Zone, How to Get Started – A Step by Step Guide

Hello! I am so happy you have come across my blog!  This means you are looking into Paleo or Paleo Zone nutrition and that excites me. When I started paleo zoning the results were absolutely amazing! I leaned out, my body has regulated itself, my performance output  increased, I felt healthier and look younger , […]

What should I eat before and after CrossFit training?

Pre and Post-WoD Nutrition A few people at Fenrir Fitness have been asking me about pre and post workout nutrition. Namely, the question is “What should I be eating before and after training to optimize my performance?” Here’s my opinion below and I’ll keep it as brief and simplified as I can. This is written for […]

Paleo, Primal & Ancestral Nutrition Resources – Courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple

    Here are links to just about EVERY Resource out there for Paleo, Primal & Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle! Thank you Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple   The Primal Blueprint The Paleo Diet Good Calories, Bad Calories The Vegetarian Myth The New Evolution Diet The Paleo Solution Why We Get Fat Primal Body, […]

Paleo Diet: A Simple Guide into Ancestral Nutrition

Hello! I am so happy you have come across my blog!  This means you are looking into Paleo or Ancestral nutrition and that excites me! I started following the paleo nutrition regime November 2010 and the results have been absolutely amazing! I have leaned out, my body has regulated itself, my performance output has increased, […]

Paleo In Six Easy Steps: A Guide to Primal Living

“Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: Paleo In Six Easy Steps – A Motivational Guide   This article exists for one simple reason: I get asked, over and over, “So how does this ‘paleo diet’ work?” And I want to give people an answer that is simple, solid, and above all, motivational. I want […]

Paleo Nutrition: A Quick Reference

A Crash Course in the Basics of the Paleolthic Diet For millions of years, humans and their relatives have eaten meat, fish, fowl and the leaves, roots and fruits of many plants. One big obstacle to getting more calories from the environment is the fact that many plants are inedible. Grains, beans and potatoes are […]

CF Fenrir’s Ulitmate 29 Day Paleo Challenge, What is your Motivation?

Motivation, there is tons of it  posted all over the  CrossFit community’s FaceBook profiles and we are very proactive about sharing it because Motivation is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle! We are starting Day 6 of Fenrir Fitness’s 29 Day Ultimate Paleo Challenge and I want to know what motivated you to accept it. […]