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What should I eat before and after CrossFit training?

Pre and Post-WoD Nutrition A few people at Fenrir Fitness have been asking me about pre and post workout nutrition. Namely, the question is “What should I be eating before and after training to optimize my performance?” Here’s my opinion below and I’ll keep it as brief and simplified as I can. This is written for […]

Baked Chicken w/Braised Redd Cabbage

  Another Beautiful Creation by Mike McDonnell of the Blog “Mike’s Gone Paleo“ Chicken: marinated for 2.5 hours 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 1/2 extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp of salt 1 tsp pepper 3 large garlic cloves minced 3 tbs of fresh thyme Mix all the ingredients together in a large freezer bag. Add […]

Eating Paleo on St. Patty’s Day: Paleo Colcannon and Corned Beef

Paleo St. Patrick's Day

  Paleo Colcannon and Corned Beef   From Cindy’s Table at Visit her site for some AMAZING Paleo recipes Ingredients 1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets 4 tablespoons organic butter 1 clove garlic, minced 1 head of kale or other greens, cut into pieces 1 1/4 low sodium chicken broth 1 teaspoon sea […]

Paleo Snack Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Dates

[box_dark] Ingredients [/box_dark] 24 Pitted dates 12 Bacon slices, cut in half 24 Almonds [box_dark] Preperation [/box_dark] 1. Preheat oven to 350 F 2. Stuff each date with an almond 3. Wrap each date with a half strip of bacon. secure with a toothpick 4. Place on a baking/cookie sheet and bake for 15 – 20 […]

Paleo Pumpkin Pie!

Paleo Pumpkin Recipe courtesy of Paleo Diet Lifestyle In an effort to bring you a traditional thanksgiving dessert that all the family will adore without questioning your paleo diet background, the pumpkin pie was a clear winner. In fact,punkin pie is the quintessential thanksgiving dessert. Of course, the usual pumpkin pie is made with lots of sugar […]

Paleo Glazed Ham and Mediterranean Vegetables

  Baked Ham 1 bone-in half ham, 7-10# Whole cloves  – enough to stud ham all around top about an inch apart Aluminum foil – enough to tent ham in a large roasting pan and form a tight seal   Glaze 3/4 cup 100% pineapple juice (Knudsen’s is my preferred brand) 3/4 cup 100% orange […]

Paleo Breakfast Cereal Recipe

A lot of would-be “Paleo converts” whine that they’d miss their (grain-based) cereal if they went Paleo. So here’s a neat recipe for homemade ‘Paleo Crunch’ based off of the paleo cereal made by CrossFit charity Steve’s Original, known as Paleo Krunch. I’d love to buy Paleo Krunch, Steve, I really would, but you just […]