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The Sh*t That Runs Thru My Head the Last 5 Minutes of a Workout

As I was finishing up the last 5  minutes of a moderate 30 minute row this morning that little devil of a voice started to creep into my head; “you’ve already done 25 minutes, that’s enough you can stop now. No one is around, no one will ever know.” So it begins, an epic battle […]

2 Fenrir Fitness Athletes Compete in a Seniors Powerlifting Meet – A Review of the 2014 Polk Senior Games

Laurie Schoepe and Mike Beemer did the #WolfPack proud today by competing in the 2014 Polk Senior Games Weightlifting Meet held at Deb’s Gym in Lakeland, Fl. Laurie competed in the 50-55 yr old women’s age division and the a 165lb weight class. The meet started with Bench Press.  Laurie successfully complete all 3 lifts at […]

Athlete of the Month

Fenrir Fitness’s December Athlete of the Month Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them as athlete of the month. This athlete is one who the coaches agree is an individual who gives his/her all every WOD, who is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals as well as helping those around […]

Opening October 1st 2012 in Lakeland, Florida

Well, here it is. The big announcement.  The big, big news! …you ready…?   Fenrir Fitness Address: 845 Creative Drive Lakeland, FL 33813 USA Phone: (813) 597-7978 Opening October 1st Our CrossFit affiliate gym was originally based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. We will to bring the same great training, same level of Instruction, another great […]

The Fenrir-Mildenhall Social: Schedule

    11:30AM Arrival First WoD 12:00pm Order:  Mens RX Womens RX Mens Scaled Womens Scaled   Nandos afterward with a finish as approx 4PM   Plenty of parking, showers, toilets etc on site.     WoDs: WoD 1: In a 4 Minute Window: Find a 1RM Snatch, Then immediately: AMRAP 4mins: 8 Box Jumps […]

January Member of the Month: Johnny

  Johnny has been with Fenrir Fitness from the outset. With a training background of Rugby and amateur Bodybuilding, he brought a fantastic base level of strength from the outset. However, flexibility and gymnastic movements initially proved to be a challenge as a result. Since starting in August, Johnny has consistently brought dedication, an endlessly […]