The Rafa Natural Skincare Guide

Not all skin-types are the same. People often ask what skincare products I use, with the intention purchasing them for themselves; which is both humbling & flattering. What one must first consider is their own skin-type; what works for me may not work someone else. Below you will find the Rafa Natural Skincare guide, that […]

That One Time I Decided I Wanted to be a Published Model, and Did.

Sometime around late fall of 2017 I was feeling really peppy with my new, shaved head and decided damnit that I wanted to be sunglasses or corrective eyewear model! I ran around telling everyone that I knew that I was going to do this. One of those people just happened to be Abdiel Gonzales. As […]

2020 – 7th Annual Syfy Bartow – Myths & Magic

⚡Myths and Magic⚡ Celebrating a Wizarding World, mythical monsters, Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster ,dragons, unicorns anything that your mythical mind can imagine. There was live music during the day, panel discussions, kids activities, thousands of costumes , hundreds of Science Fiction vendors, science fiction themed car show, costume contest, steampunk alley, Jedi Knight training, food […]

A Step by Step Guide thru my Rafa Natural, Daily Face Care Routine

Rafa Natural Skin care Anitra

I am frequently asked about what skincare products I use; Rafa Natural is hands down my skincare product line of choice. They offer locally crafted, natural, vegan & organic skincare as well as bath and body products. And here are a few other reason I love Rafa Natural: It is a locally owned business and […]

Paleo-Zone Food Block Calculator Tools!

If you’re new to the Zone, you first want to find your Zone block requirements. I found this handy block calculator over at DBH Online. Next, check out this nifty spreadsheet tool that I found over at Poseidon CrossFit which allows you to calculate your Zone serving sizes in imperial and metric measurements! It also […]

Paleo Zone, How to Get Started – A Step by Step Guide

Hello! I am so happy you have come across my blog!  This means you are looking into Paleo or Paleo Zone nutrition and that excites me. When I started paleo zoning the results were absolutely amazing! I leaned out, my body has regulated itself, my performance output  increased, I felt healthier and look younger , […]

WoD: Amped Charity Hero

The Fenrir Fitness Wolfpack is proud to introduce the annual Hero Charity WoD Amped benefiting, a non-for profit charity that fits children, young adults and veteran amputees with high quality prosthetics so they can live normal and active lives.  This Hero WoD is programmed to honor of any military, law enforcement or any emergency services person who has […]